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About Me

About Me

About Inspired Beacon Founder: Just Me smiling back at you. Thanks for stopping by and hanging out a little with me.

Why Do I Write?

More than anything else, my efforts as a writer are intended to provide information and inspiration to those who enjoy them. The fast-paced world of technology has provided a vast array of useful innovations and tools, but many find these inventions unfamiliar and overwhelming. My goal is to help change that. I want people to understand that the growing world of technology isn’t diminishing human interaction or removing the human element, but instead is facilitating communication and interaction. As challenging as these new innovations may seem initially, their value ultimately outweighs their unfamiliarity. All it takes is an experienced mind to help you, and I’m glad to offer my experience for your benefit.

My Roots

I’m originally from Jamaica, where I was raised as an only child by a hard-nosed, industrious, and independent mother. However, as a teenager and more so in her final years, I had to take on the role of mother and care for her. It was during that powerful time of joy and madness that we explored more acutely our love for each other, or at least something close to love. Losing her four years ago did, and does, pain me greatly, and temporarily led me away from expressing myself through writing and business exploration. However, educational pursuits and a deep yearning led me back to my passion for writing, and acted as a catalyst for renewing my efforts in this regard.

Educational trajectory

I’m a student at Southern New Hampshire University, pursuing a Business Degree with a focus on Computer Technology, but I’m also exploring classes that include communication and social marketing expertise. Additionally, I’m expanding on my experience with writing, both educationally and professionally. My goal is to work towards a PhD in Business and Engineering Psychology.

Employment background

I’ve been employed as a technology professional for over 10 years, currently working as a Principal Systems Engineer for an innovative company in the water and energy market, Itron Inc.

Recent life

I resided in New York for several years. While I enjoyed my time in the Big Apple, I knew that I would, in time, want to put down roots in a smaller city with the following attributes: great quality lifestyle and lower cost of living, entrepreneurial, , progressive, high-tech and with a solid educational system and research infrastructure anchored by a growing job market.

After two years of research, I made the decision to move to Raleigh, North Carolina, because it provided all that with a community-oriented feel. Since then, I have established some great friendships and met my husband. We just got married in April, 2015, so I am a newlywed 🙂 too and figuring out married life on the fly. And it has been a paradoxical but fun ride so far.   So I feel I got lucky, with great research and a bit of moxie as I came out here not knowing anyone, but the real estate people. But was able to establish a life because I believed in myself and my intentions (despite many oppositions) and did the research and followed up with actions to make it happen. So I am also a fan of the old adage “no guts no glory”.


Over time I’ve learned that one of the best ways to continually work towards your goals is to articulate them concisely and then recall them on a daily basis. My professional goals are:

  1. Educational pursuits: While my primary efforts regarding education have been, and continue to be, focused on technology, I’ve also made an effort to improve my business acumen and to study psychology. Although business and technology knowledge is quite valuable in any industry, also having an understanding of psychology offers unforeseen benefits in both professional and social interactions.
  2. Social entrepreneurial success: Technological growth has led to a flood of social networking revitalization that has precipitated changes in all aspects of life and work. This has provided enormous opportunity for entrepreneurial growth for those that are tech-savvy enough to take advantage of these circumstances. I strive to do just that, and to help others learn to do so as well.
  3. Growth as a writer. Writing is a passion for me. While I’m very introverted when it comes to analyzing and evaluating my thoughts, I am quite extroverted when it comes to my desire to help others better themselves. Writing has offered me a creative outlet and voice, but more importantly, a chance to connect with and help others while learning and growing myself.

I’ll never pretend to have the answers to every question or the solutions to every problem, but I have over a decade of experience as a tech professional. Knowledge of technology is what I live and breathe, and my purpose in writing this blog is to inform and encourage you and others to make use of the resources that are readily (and often freely!) available. Admittedly, these resources can seem unwieldy and challenging for many newer users, but with the proper guide, you’ll find that any path can be traversed.

I stand ready and eager to offer guidance for anyone beginning their self-growth journey or desiring to improve their tech awareness.

Other Places I hang out

In addition to my Blog. You can find and connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter  🙂

All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything!”— Gary W. Goldstein


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