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Is the World a Freak Show?

Is the world a freak show Spiraling out of control Proliferating crudity Aggrandizing insanity Mocking Idiosyncrasies Abusing the real cry Of the one that needs it most? The more outlandish we are The more accolades we get For pretending And doing a fine job at it While the truth is Not one of us Are...
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Never Graduate From Yourself

Life is as easy As you will make it be Following the passions That swells within you That shines from your smile That beats from Your fortitude Your calamities And distinguishing grace You are gifted Make use of your unique talents And embrace your proclivities Every chance you get Give yourself permission To continue to...
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The Warrior’s Plight

The pain in my heart is piercing From being misunderstood Have sought peace In every place In every face that looks kind Still finding peace have been futile Betrayal have met me at every turn With a contrived smile. Trying to hold onto the warmth I have inside Though I am getting cold Gripping the...
Category Better LivingFood for ThoughtsPoetry

Rise Above the Noise

Rise Above the Noise
If I choose not to listen To Live Without your constant buzzing in my ears Will you still speak? If I choose not to see To Live With my own perceptions Will you still insist on showing me the way? If I choose not to go by your approval To Live With my own mistakes...
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How to Take the Break You Need: Workaholic Anonymous

A break may come in different forms, whether it is a vacation from work, a mandatory sick leave, or the taking of some “me” time during a hiatus or a stay-cation. Whatever way you get to take a break, honor it for whatever it is and however it comes. It is a valuable benefit that...
Category Better LivingFood for ThoughtsInsightsLifestyleSuccess TipsTips
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