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How to Take the Break You Need: Workaholic Anonymous

A break may come in different forms, whether it is a vacation from work, a mandatory sick leave, or the taking of some “me” time during a hiatus or a stay-cation. Whatever way you get to take a break, honor it for whatever it is and however it comes. It is a valuable benefit that...
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The World at Our Feet

I am great but you are even greater. There are days when I feel weaker than myself and you believed in me, Spoke to me, Sang to me Raised me up, Until I believed in you and felt strong again. I am sweet but you are even sweeter. There would be times I carry heaven...
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Losing and Gaining

I get lost often. I lose myself, I lose people, I lose my keys, I lose my voice. I lost my best friend in high school. I lost my mother…my only parent. I lose my way…often, I lose interest in some things that first mattered to me a lot. Anything sounds familiar? I figure…if I...
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Table Manners, Text Less and Connect More

Table Manners, Text Less and Connect More: How to make texting wait until you finish eating with family or friends without getting an anxiety attack or ruining a good lunch, dinner, friendship and/or connection. Why do we get together to celebrate special occasions and to eat with family and friends or network with colleagues during a...
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