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We provide high quality products, great service and quick shipping

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The Elusive Meaning of Death

The Elusive Meaning of Death: In memory of Uncle Bunny *September 18, 2015
What does death mean? Is it the grand finale of existence? The step to an absolute or a ubiquitous frontier? Or the exit from Life as we know it now To life in the unknown corner and crevices of the existential?   Is it the limitation of man’s earthly flesh? Without hampering the infinity of...
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How to Take the Break You Need: Workaholic Anonymous

A break may come in different forms, whether it is a vacation from work, a mandatory sick leave, or the taking of some “me” time during a hiatus or a stay-cation. Whatever way you get to take a break, honor it for whatever it is and however it comes. It is a valuable benefit that...
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5 Sure Fire Ways to Maintain Real Facebook Friendships

Facebook should equal familiar faces, not strangers: How to use Facebook to maintain real friendships and avoid having 1000 Facebook friends and still feeling lonely. A few years ago, I remember running into a friend on Facebook that lived in New York. I said ran into because there is no other way I can think of...
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