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Category / Poetry

Found Sunshine In A Bottle In the Murkiest Of Bays

Found Sunshine In A Bottle In the Murkiest Of Bays — Inspired Beacon
  Though I was built from the Blues All I see is Energeia Yellows Eons ago found sunshine in a bottle In the murkiest of Bays That I had to scratch my way out of. Branded it into my Heart’s solstice Now…it’s Light It’s Warmth All wrapped around me From the Inside Out. Distilled the...
Category Food for ThoughtsInspirationLost and FoundMotivationPoetry

Some Days I’m Tapped Out Of My Mind

Some Days I’m Tapped Out Of My mind
Some days I’m tapped out of my mind Left with nothing But obstrucating thoughts And deafening silence Still I leave room to hear The lovely white-banded Mockingbird sing. Some days I have everything Though I am grasping Pulling At straws Trying to slow A busy mind That run for miles. Yet…I can find solitude And...
Category Food for ThoughtsInsightsInspirationMotivationPoetry

The One Thing That Makes Us Human

The One Thing That Makes Us Human — Kaylaa T. Blackwell
Caught up and blinded By ego Our own narcissism We often forget Natural ecosystems Losing the capacity to care To show empathy The one thing That makes us human Fast-forwarding Our pulse Circumventing feeling Our kaleidoscope heart No longer be bops For love If at all The one thing That makes us alive Ambushed By...
Category Food for ThoughtsInsightsInspirationLifestyleMotivationPersonal DevelopmentPoetryThought Leadership

Restless In The World

Restless In the World — Kaylaa T. Blackwell
You get scared of the future Then tomorrow comes The only thing is sure Is time seeping away In your anxiety In your busyness In your being In your obedience In your subversiveness In our paradoxical complexities And Human contradictions. You ask: What am I to become? Who am I to be? Am I living...
Category Food for ThoughtsInsightsInspirationMotivationPoetry

You Matter In The Big Scheme Of Things

You Matter In The Big Scheme Of Things — Kaylaa T. Blackwell
  Life hurtles on at a dizzying pace Whether you rise or shine You struggle… To hold on To put on a good face And you ask yourself Does your life really matter? In the big scheme of things Your life may seem inconsequential A small dark speck Of light In the Cosmos Tiny breaths Equal...
Category Food for ThoughtsInsightsInspirationMotivationPoetry

Ain’t Life Grand In A Topsy-turvy World?

Ain't Life Grand in a Topsy Turvy World?
Words escape you Spirit misaligned Flesh tense Entities lose their gleam Energies subside Day by Day Can’t breathe Only build up steam Can’t see Can’t grow Can’t cultivate Creativity insurrected The Law of Nature palpitated Did you envision that? No I didn’t Did you do that? No… You did Who is to blame? When the...
Category Better LivingFood for ThoughtsLifestylePoetry

To Paris My Love #NousSommesUnis We Are United

Paris my love, my friend I feel the pain in the heart of the world Heavy and unbearable Mourning your loss The blood of innocents Mixed with tears Flood the streets Antagonize the mind Yet, with open wounds Standing steadfast on our feet Committed to love, we unite Surrendering not to violence We will not...
Category PoetryRemembrance

The Thinkers Are Dead

The thinkers Are dead you say Respectfully I disagree I am a thinker myself And there are many more Like you Like me But we all think uniquely Some of us alike Filtered by A cloak of differences That defines Our vantage point As thinkers do Some are Wild wild things Deep steep capers Fastidious debaters...
Category Food for ThoughtsPoetry

I Was Lost And My Soul Found Me

Once when I was blind You asked me to lead you Your confidence in me gave me purpose Washed away my self-doubt Illuminated my sight Lost my voice Couldn’t speak a syllable You asked me for advice Emancipated my mouth Once a babbling brook Of words and constellations That fed many lifetimes Lost my hearing...
Category CelebrateFood for ThoughtsLet's ConnectLifestyleLost and FoundPoetryRemembranceSpecial Moments

Married on a New Moon and Still Clueless

Me on my wedding day Summon the video, if you dare Got married this year A couple of months ago It was quite memorable Reminiscent of starbursts To say the least It tantalized and embraced the beast In all of us It was the start of a new moon April 18 Fetching fanfare Family and...
Category CelebrateNew BeginningsPoetryRemembranceSpecial Moments
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