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Category / Remembrance

To Paris My Love #NousSommesUnis We Are United

Paris my love, my friend I feel the pain in the heart of the world Heavy and unbearable Mourning your loss The blood of innocents Mixed with tears Flood the streets Antagonize the mind Yet, with open wounds Standing steadfast on our feet Committed to love, we unite Surrendering not to violence We will not...
Category PoetryRemembrance

I Was Lost And My Soul Found Me

Once when I was blind You asked me to lead you Your confidence in me gave me purpose Washed away my self-doubt Illuminated my sight Lost my voice Couldn’t speak a syllable You asked me for advice Emancipated my mouth Once a babbling brook Of words and constellations That fed many lifetimes Lost my hearing...
Category CelebrateFood for ThoughtsLet's ConnectLifestyleLost and FoundPoetryRemembranceSpecial Moments

Married on a New Moon and Still Clueless

Me on my wedding day Summon the video, if you dare Got married this year A couple of months ago It was quite memorable Reminiscent of starbursts To say the least It tantalized and embraced the beast In all of us It was the start of a new moon April 18 Fetching fanfare Family and...
Category CelebrateNew BeginningsPoetryRemembranceSpecial Moments

The Elusive Meaning of Death

The Elusive Meaning of Death: In memory of Uncle Bunny *September 18, 2015
What does death mean? Is it the grand finale of existence? The step to an absolute or a ubiquitous frontier? Or the exit from Life as we know it now To life in the unknown corner and crevices of the existential?   Is it the limitation of man’s earthly flesh? Without hampering the infinity of...
Category Food for ThoughtsInsightsPoetryRemembrance

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