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From The Sky Lounge: Unbound — Robbie Robertson

Unbound — Robbie Robertson
Welcome to The Sky Lounge @ InspiredBeacon.com 🙂 Have a seat…kick back and listen/contemplate: Unbound — Robbie Robertson   The Sky Lounge is a great place to come hangout, be inspired and meet and greet. Go to The Sky Lounge entrance to learn the rules…nahh I prefer to say learn the fruits of engagement and...
Category InspirationThe Sky Lounge

I Was Lost And My Soul Found Me

Once when I was blind You asked me to lead you Your confidence in me gave me purpose Washed away my self-doubt Illuminated my sight Lost my voice Couldn’t speak a syllable You asked me for advice Emancipated my mouth Once a babbling brook Of words and constellations That fed many lifetimes Lost my hearing...
Category CelebrateFood for ThoughtsLet's ConnectLifestyleLost and FoundPoetryRemembranceSpecial Moments

Is the World a Freak Show?

Is the world a freak show Spiraling out of control Proliferating crudity Aggrandizing insanity Mocking Idiosyncrasies Abusing the real cry Of the one that needs it most? The more outlandish we are The more accolades we get For pretending And doing a fine job at it While the truth is Not one of us Are...
Category Better LivingFood for ThoughtsInsightsPoetry

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