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To Paris My Love #NousSommesUnis We Are United

To Paris My Love #NousSommesUnis We Are United

"To Paris My Love #NousSommesUnis We Are United"— Kaylaa T. Blackwell

“To Paris My Love #NousSommesUnis We Are United”— Kaylaa T. Blackwell

Paris my love, my friend
I feel the pain in the heart of the world
Heavy and unbearable
Mourning your loss
The blood of innocents
Mixed with tears
Flood the streets
Antagonize the mind
Yet, with open wounds
Standing steadfast on our feet
Committed to love, we unite
Surrendering not to violence
We will not embrace defeat

Dreadful acts of cowardice
Fearmongering extremism
Harm your children
Our children
Spineless and cantankerous creatures
Set on driving peace out
Creates pandemonium
Courts confusion
Tearing families apart
Menacing the now
Threatening the future
Attempting to extinguish the freedom of ideas
Mistaken us for the Faint-hearted
Only to find we don’t buckle kindly
Under their make believe clout and insanity.

Atrocities hurled at you
Assaults every fabric
Pierce every heart that lives
Countries and Continents
Groaning from the ripple effect
Stifling our respite
But we will not back down
The battle for Freedom
Bristles in all of us
The very essence of how we breathe

With love spilling over
In our hearts
Bravery in our steps
Hearts and hands rise up
Stand up
To tame the Beast
In misdirected Man
To Protect
The beauty of Life
Freedom in Ideas
The resplendent Future
Ubiquitous Peace
And dreams of happy ever afters
To Thwart
The total eclipse of the sun.


"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything" — Alexander Hamilton

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything” — Alexander Hamilton


Credits: Creative Commons images courtesy of Anne ღ (1st image)  and pickled_newt (2nd image).


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Kaylaa T. Blackwell is an IT Professional working @ Itron, Inc. and a student @ Southern New Hampshire University with a penchant for writing, researching and helping others resolve real world issues. She has a great interest in technology, business and psychology and how they impact each other. Learn more about her here.

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