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What Makes A Successful Employee: Who Is In It To Win It?

What Makes A Successful Employee: Who Is In It To Win It?

Are you in it...to win it?

Are you in it…to win it?

As an employer, there are many things you can create or produce but as a leader, the most important thing you can build is a winning team. Especially in today’s turbulent times, hiring the right employees and building a team that is in it for the long term is more important than ever. You simply cannot afford to lose the time and money or deal with the consequences that result from a poor hiring choice. As the cost of finding, training and engaging a new employee keeps rising, it’s crucial to view employees as an investment. And just like with any investment, you expect excellent financial return over time.

Stephen R. Covey author of, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, on the qualities he believes visionary leaders possess: “I am personally convinced that one person can be a change catalyst, a “transformer” in any situation, any organization. Such an individual is yeast that can leaven an entire loaf. It requires vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader.”

So what does a successful employee look like? How can you find the right people on your team who are “in it to win it” for the long term? Let’s start by identifying those qualities you should be looking for in all potential candidates. In my experience, successful employees are everyday super heroes that make a worthwhile difference in your business because they:

Stay Committed — they will go the extra mile to get things done, without setting up road blocks for themselves and others. They do not constantly point out problems, but rather, proactively start thinking about what solutions they could offer or suggest that could help address any potential challenges.

Are Adaptable/Flexible — they adapt to change, new ideas, and new directions. They are flexible with the way they work and who they will work with.

Add Value — they focus on bringing value to everything they do, regardless of whether it’s their “job” or not.

Say what they mean, mean what they say—they are accountable for their actions and follow up on their commitments. You know you can count on them, no matter what.

Give direction — not only do they know what direction they’re headed in, they will also help lead the rest of the team.

Have aligned goals –they don’t get so caught up in their own personal goals that they lose sight of the company’s objectives. They know how their job fits into the “big picture” so they can focus on producing deliverables as well as supporting the overall success of the organization as a whole.

Share values — they want to make a difference and do whatever is needed, with a great attitude.

Know that Attitude is Everything — they understand that a good work ethic and attitude allows you to gain better focus and stay motivated for longer periods of time. They are also able to transfer that enthusiasm to others, allowing everyone to perform their best.

Special employees that just really seem to get it can be few and far between. They bring out the best in everyone around them and move the entire company forward in ways that are unbelievable. Are you ready to go out and find that everyday super-hero or even become one?

Are you ready to become an every day superhero?

Are you ready to become an every day superhero?


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  • November 16, 2015 at 9:15 pm Faraday's Candle

    These are tips that could actually apply to everyday life!
    Staying committed and being flexible goes a long way!

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  • March 17, 2016 at 2:37 pm jacquelineobyikocha

    These pointers could be used to guide one through virtually a whole lot. Well written.

    Let me also use this opportunity to extend an invitation to a bloggers brunch party taking place on my blog on this weekend Sat-Sunday. The post is titled it’s a brunch party. I believe that it will be fun

    • March 17, 2016 at 7:42 pm Inspired Beacon

      Thanks so much for the invite to your party :). I have been crazy busy…but I will be sure to stop in for a bit, as I know it will be loads of fun, especially with you hosting it :). Looking forward to seeing you there soon. Cheers~

      • March 18, 2016 at 9:42 am jacquelineobyikocha

        Thank you Kaylaa. Have a blessed day and regards 🙂

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